Welcome to the official documentation for Sprocket, a real-time server-side component library for Gleam! In this guide, we'll cover the core concepts of Sprocket, but some prerequisite knowledge of Gleam is recommended. Gleam is a type-safe functional language designed to harness the power of the Erlang Beam virtual machine. Whether you are a Gleam enthusiast or new to this exciting language, this documentation will serve as your roadmap to building highly scalable, robust, and efficient server-side component views for your web application.

Fun fact: Sprocket is named after the humble bicycle gear that enables the wheels to spin effortlessly! Also, this documentation is completely powered by it!

Important Note: Sprocket is under heavy development and this documentation is a work in progress! Please proceed with caution as things are likely to change.

Why Another Component Library?

Sprocket is designed around a collection of functional patterns that empower developers to build application interfaces with ease. Embracing the strengths of the Erlang Beam virtual machine's concurrency and fault-tolerance capabilities enables developers to build highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications that are easy to reason about and maintain.

The main goal of this library is to bridge the gap between existing functional component libraries, type-safety, and real-time server rendered views so that developers can quickly construct applications without compromising on type guarantees. By leveraging the Erlang Beam VM, Sprocket is built on a solid foundation that enables scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

Key Features

  • Real-time Components: Build scalable real-time server-rendered applications by designing modular and reusable components with Sprocket's declarative approach.
  • Type-Safety: Gleam's static typing guarantees that your code is free of runtime errors while making it easier to reason about complex systems and build maintainable codebases.
  • Concurrency: Sprocket harnesses the power of the Erlang Beam VM, providing lightweight processes and easy-to-use abstractions for concurrent programming.
  • Fault-Tolerance: Battle-tested fault-tolerance mechanisms ensure that your applications are resilient even under adverse conditions.
  • Interoperability: Seamlessly plug-in to Erlang/Elixir's exisitng libraries with Gleam's first class FFI.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your application thanks to the Erlang Beam VM's distributed nature.
  • Open Source: Sprocket is completely open-source and free to use. Contributions are welcome and encouraged!

Ready to get started?

In the next section, we'll cover prerequisites and getting your Sprocket application up and running.